Tech Tip: Set Power Button to Turn Off Monitors

If you have the Windows 10 Creators Update, you can make your computer power button into a monitor switch that lets you turn off all your monitors.

With this tip you can turn off your monitor and still leave your computer running. Applications won’t be closed, and downloads won’t be terminated. If you have multiple monitors set up, it will turn off all your monitors at once for you.

To set this up:

  • Go to Start menu.
  • Type Power Options.
  • Click Edit Power Plan.
  • Open Power Options by clicking In the Edit Power Plan Settings Window.
  • Click on the Change advanced power settings link.
  • In the Power Options window that pops up, find and expand ‘Power buttons and Lid’ and ‘Power button action’.
  • Select ‘Turn off the display’ from the Settings list.
  • Click OK.


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