IBM To Offer Quantum Computing Service

IBM is preparing to offer a service that gives access to (and use of) a powerful, universal quantum computer, via the cloud, thereby enabling users to solve complex problems and innovate.

More Power, Greater Capabilities.

The service, which will be called IBM Q, will be the first time that a universal quantum computer has been commercially available.

The big advantage of quantum computers is that they are exponentially more capable than existing ‘classical’ computers and they are able to solve highly complex problems.

Examples of Applications.

Examples of ways in which the power of quantum computers have been / can be applied to and can benefit businesses and society include:

  • Dramatically speeding up the process of discovering new and innovative drugs and materials by providing the ability to work through large amounts of complex molecular and chemical data, formulae and variables.
  • Advancing the development of artificial intelligence (AI) features in products and services.
  • Solving complex supply chain logistics problems.
  • Modelling financial data and multiple global risk factors to enable better investment choices.
  • Applying the laws of quantum physics to computer systems could improve security.

Building The Interfaces.

IBM are currently reported to be at the stage of introducing the application programming interface (API) that will enable developers to begin building the interfaces that will be necessary for a five quantum bit (qubit) cloud-based quantum computer to talk to traditional computers. The company has also recently upgraded the IBM Quantum Experience simulator.

Development Kit Released Soon.

A software development kit on the IBM Quantum Experience is scheduled to be released in the first half of this year. The kit will enable users to build simple quantum applications and software programs, connect to IBM’s quantum processor through the Cloud, study the tutorials, and start running algorithms, experiments and simulations on the quantum computer.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

The use of a quantum computer will give businesses and organisations of all kinds a chance to solve many of their most complex problems, develop new and innovative potentially industry-leading products and services and perhaps discover new, hitherto unthought-of business opportunities. If IBM Q lives up to its promise, it could offer businesses to chance to develop products that could provide real competitive advantage in a shorter amount of time and at much less cost than their traditional computer architecture and R&D practices previously allowed.