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Your PIN Numbers Can Be Guessed When You Tilt Your Phone

Researchers from Newcastle University have discovered that how you tilt your smart-phone when you type in your secret PINs and passwords could increase the likelihood of them been obtained by hackers due to mobile browsers and phone sensor vulnerabilities. Accessing Your Smartphone’s ‘Silent’ Sensors The team from the university’s School of Computing Science believe that […]

Robot Wins Poker Competition

In only the second triumph of its kind, an AI program has beaten expert human competitors to the prize money in a series of exhibition poker matches. Team Dragon Vs AI Program In a series of poker matches totalling 360,000 hands and hosted in Hainan island (China) over a five-day period, a group of engineers, […]

Tech Tip: Solve Network Problems Easily

If you have a network problem, Windows 10 gives you the ability to run a troubleshooter, or do a complete reset with a single click. Here’s how: View your network status – go to Settings > Network & Internet > Status. If the network connection is good, a status dialog box gives you details about […]

Businesses Explore More Uses For Blockchain

If you thought that Blockchain, the ‘incorruptible ledger’ technology behind Bitcoin was only of use in the financial sector, think again. Innovative uses for the new technology are now being found across multiple sectors. What is Blockchain? Blockchain is an incorruptible peer-to-peer network (a kind of ledger) that allows multiple parties to transfer value in […]

Survey Exposes Poor Online Retailer Communications

A recent study by retail software company Eptica has found that only 7.5% of retailers respond to customers through web, email, Twitter and Facebook, and only 2.5% of retailers provide consistency in their answers to customers across all four channels. Omnichannel Customer Expectations High One of the factors that have amplified the apparently negative findings […]

Warning: Hacking Group Based in China Targeting UK Business Data

The National Cyber Security Centre and cyber units at PwC and BAE Systems have warned UK businesses about a hacking group, operating inside China, targeting UK-based B2B IT outsourcing companies with a view to reaching their customers. Identified Through Collaboration It is believed that it was the collaboration between the NCSC (the cyber branch of […]

One-Third of Jobs At Risk From Automation

A new report by PwC claims that over 30% of UK jobs could be lost to automation by the year 2030. Robot Replacements Advances in AI, robotics, and technology could mean that many jobs that need humans today may be carried out by robots in the next 15 years. Which Jobs? According to the report, […]